gnome redemption

gnome redemption program


It seems our family of adventurous gnomes have taken a break from their printing duties to go and mine some cryptocurrency, which is their favorite thing to do when not creating Cardsmiths trading cards.  They are a crafty bunch and must have hitched a ride from our factory by putting themselves inside various packs of our cards. Unfortunately, as clever as they are in getting out, they are not as skilled at getting back home on their own.  Perhaps you could lend them a hand?

As rash as our gnomes might be at times they are not without any good sense to them.  Surely, they will have narrowed the search some by marking the packs and boxes that they could potentially be found in with their family crest, which looks like this: 

Now, that’s no guarantee that you will find one of our gnomes in a marked pack, but it will at least narrow down the search some.

We mentioned that our gnomes love mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum, along with a few others.  If you are lucky enough to find one of our gnomes in a pack of Cardsmiths trading cards and return them safely to us, they will undoubtedly wish to reward you with some of that newly minted crypto!