Currency Redemption Program

Our Currency Series 1 Set Redemption Program is now live!

Attention Currency Series 1 Collectors!

Have you enjoyed ripping all those packs looking for rare chase cards, cryptocurrency redemption cards, and putting together those foil and non-foil sets?  We’re sure you have!

By this point you likely have more than a few doubles and triples of the base collector cards, which are some of the nicest quality cards in the industry at 24-point thickness, UV gloss-coating and our “C” logo hot foil-stamped on the back.  We think so highly of our base cards that we’d like to get some of them back from you so we can display them in our office and even form a giant pile of them to jump in at break time.  (You know, like, the best part of raking leaves in the fall is jumping in the pile!)

Of course, we can’t just ask you to send cards back to us without expecting something in return.  So, we’ve thought about what a good trade might be and come up with an idea.

You send us back a complete set of all 62 Currency Series 1, non-foil collector base cards, and in exchange we will send you back a serial-numbered 1/1 Diamond Gemstone Refractor™ available nowhere else.  The 1/1 Diamond Gemstone Refractor™ will be one of the 62 cards from Currency Series 1, chosen at random, so no two will be alike.  Remember, we are only looking for the base collector cards.  While we also love our holofoil, Crystal Sparkle, Meta-Rare Refractor™ and Gemstone Refractor™ cards, we can only accept our non-foil cards for purposes of this promotion.  (It’s a personal thing.  The CEO is a bit partial to our non-foils.  Says they remind him of his childhood or something like that.)

Obviously, by offering 1/1 Gemstone Refractor™ cards from Series 1 means we can only offer this trade for the first 62 sets that are sent back to us and confirmed*.  We will offer this trade on a first-come, first-served basis.

Collectors must pay for shipping back to us, but will cover the shipping of your card back to you.

Does this sound like something of interest to you?  Great! (We can already feel that card pile in the break room growing.) Simply fill out the webform and indicate the number of sets that you want to redeem for a Diamond 1/1 Gemstone Refractor™.  Now, don’t send anything just yet!  We will email you back to let you know if you are one of the first 62 set holders to respond or if you are on the waitlist.  Waitlist entrants will be activated in the order that they are received, should any of the 62 slots become open.

We will keep the promotion and webform active until we have confirmed receipt of 62 complete sets.  Then we will close the promotion and close the waitlist.

Sound exciting?  It certainly does to us.  We hope you will take us up on our offer and redeem your Currency sets for a redemption program exclusive 1/1 Diamond Gemstone Refractor™ card.

-Cardsmiths Gnomes

*Set confirmation includes verification of authenticity of each set of all 62 Currency Series 1, non-foil, base collector cards.  Set confirmation is at the sole discretion of Cardsmiths staff and all determinations made are final.  Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive the Diamond Gemstone Refractor™ card back from us once you set has been confirmed.

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