Expertly crafted trading card sets by collectors, for collectors.

Cardsmiths is bringing a unique take to the 100+ year old trading card market by combining innovative designs with cutting edge artwork, low print runs, and redemption programs unlike any other.   Our goal is to make every pack opening an experience and every card feel important in its own way.  Even putting together base sets is meant to be a challenge by selectively short printing a small number of cards in each set.  Simply put, we want to put the “chase” back into the hobby!

All Cardsmiths trading card sets are based on established pop-culture, comic book and gaming titles, as well as original, custom-curated art sets showcasing artistic talent from around the world.  We approach each set with a fresh perspective and incorporate unique design elements to enhance eye-appeal and desirability.  

Cardsmiths also recognizes that we are living in the digital age with almost constant changes to technology, as well as the desires of avid collectors.  As such, there will occasionally be opportunities for collectors to acquire digital versions of our cards in addition to our printed, physical trading card sets.

We look forward to crafting your next, must-have trading card set!