The Halving Gift With Purchase Promo

The Halving Gift With Purchase Promo

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Well, another 210,000 blocks are in the books. That means another Bitcoin halving event is upon us. Funny how everything is a “21” with this Nakamoto person. Or persons? Anyway…

Here at Cardsmiths, we decided to mark the occasion by offering collectors a special limited-print-run, gift-with-purchase promo card, The Halving. The promo card is illustrated by Thomas Zahler, serving as a follow-up to his Series 1 card of the same name.  

To make things more interesting, GNOAH GNOME challenged Zahler to an arm-wrestling contest, for which Thomas lost. (In spectacular fashion we might add.) That meant that Thomas had to autograph 50 of these cards, which we then numbered 1 to 50. We will randomly seed these 50 autographed and numbered cards into qualifying orders.

So, how do you get your hands on one of these promo cards? Simple. Spend $100 or more on, and we’ll add one to your order free of charge.   

But remember, we only have a limited number of these promo cards available, so the promotion is only good until April 30, or while supplies last. Also, there’s only 1 promo card per $100 order so we can get these fun cards into as many collectors’ hands as possible.

From all of us here at Cardsmiths, we thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy The Halving promo card. Happy collecting!