Cardsmiths Announces the Official Pre-Order Date for Currency Series 3

Cardsmiths Announces the Official Pre-Order Date for Currency Series 3

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The Smithies have been hard at work putting together what we believe will be the next fan-favorite trading card set:  Currency Series 3.   

Shipping is expected to begin in June with Pre-Orders starting Friday, April 19th.  

So, what do we have in store for collectors this time?  Let’s find out……

As with our previous Currency sets, Series 3 depicts some of the most important currencies, cryptos, and contributors to our current economic system.  This 60-Card Set features amazing new artwork from first-time Currency artists like Jaqueline Florencio, Erki Schotter, Joe Allard, and Gunship Revolution, along with popular artists Tom Badley, Thomas Zahler, Matt Paganelis, Jon McTavish, and many others.  In addition to all these great art cards, collectors will be treated to several exciting new additions to their Currency portfolio with Series 3.  


Introducing the Currency Mega Box!  With 40-total cards per box, collectors can build their Series 3 collection without the need to open as many individual packs.   Mega Boxes will contain many of the same card types and variations you would expect to find in our 2-Pack Collector Boxes, but with a couple of twists!

We didn’t just want to create a new way to buy Currency trading cards, so we decided to add a few extra elements to make things a bit more interesting.  The first of these exciting additions is the debut of the Mega Box exclusive the Opal Gemstone Refractor™ cards serial-numbered to /45.  These variants will feature an opalescent-white outer frame and multi-colored inner frame giving it a very similar look to its geological namesake.  

Also new for Series 3 is the Collector Parallel variant we call “Matrix” Holofoils.  These can only be found in Mega Boxes.  Another key stat to highlight is that we have inserted (1) Gemstone Refractor™ card per Mega Box, on average.  So be on the lookout for those collector favorites like Onyx, Sapphire, Gold, Rubies and more!

Of course, we’d never let the new kid on the block have all the fun.  Our 2-Pack Collector Boxes will still feature the same high-quality Collector, Collector Parallel Holofoil, Crystal Sparkle Full-Art Holofoil, Meta-Rare Refractor™, Iced Foil, Cold Foil, Cryptocurrency Redemption, and the full complement of Gemstone Refractor™ cards that Currency collectors have come to expect.  But….we couldn’t resist throwing in few fun extras to really get the excitement going. 

For the first time ever, we are randomly inserting a Currency Series 3 set exclusive “Bitcoin: One of One” card inside a Collector Box.  That’s right, a unique One of One card that is waiting to be discovered inside of a Series 3 Collector Box.  Will you be the one to find the One?

Even if you don’t happen to come across the One of One, perhaps you will come across one of the “Bitcoin: One of Twenty-One” cards also waiting to be found in both Collector and Mega Boxes.

The fun doesn’t stop there!  We also welcome another member to the Currency Gemstone Refractor™ family: the serial-numbered to /45 Jade, found exclusively in Collector Boxes.  Jade’s rich shades of green have been coveted for centuries by peoples of many cultures to create jewelry, sculptures, and religious artifacts.  Start assembling your treasure trove of Jade variant cards by cracking into our Series 3 Collector Boxes!

Sure, we could have just stopped there with all of the new trading card treasures for collectors to find in Series 3, but we decided to throw in just one more bit of fun.  We’ve randomly inserted (3) Tom Badley designed bank note holofoils exclusively into Series 3 Collector Boxes.  Oh, and did we mention that these are double-sided holofoil cards, each serial-numbered to /210?  

And, of course, we’d be remiss not to mention that Cryptocurrency Redemption Cards are once again being randomly inserted in Currency Series 3 Boxes.  Collectors can be on the hunt for various denominations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.  Possibly even an entire Bitcoin or Ethereum!

With all of these new and exciting additions to the Currency franchise in Series 3, we wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that we have increased the production run well beyond that of Series 1 or 2.  In fact, there will be around 25% less 2-Pack Collector Boxes for Series 3 to allow for the addition of the Mega Boxes.   As such, total amount to cards produced has remained largely unchanged from the first two sets.

So, what are you waiting for?  Place your Cardsmiths Currency 3 Collector and Mega Box pre-orders today!