Cardsmiths and Geek Fuel Team Up for a Series of Promotions

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Cardsmiths and GeekFuel Team Up


Ft. Lauderdale, January 23, 2024:  Cardsmiths is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Denver based Geek Fuel to establish a brand presence at various pop-culture conventions (“comic-cons”) throughout the US in 2024.  Geek Fuel, a leading retailer in the pop culture space since 2014, has designed and distributed exclusive and limited-edition collectibles of popular global fandoms and is currently celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary. Cardsmiths is bringing innovation to the card collecting space by using the latest print technology to create amazing designs of the many pop culture icons they are partnered with, and the limited-edition chase elements that card collectors love. This partnership will allow more fans of Cardsmiths and its licenses to be seen through Geek Fuel’s in-person events, convention presence, and online streams they are well known for. 

“We are proud to partner with Cardsmiths to offer live streams and curated in-person events featuring the next generation of entertainment collectors’ cards and pop culture collectibles” notes Chaz Gray of Geek Fuel. Jeff Betau of Cardsmiths highlights “This partnership with Geek Fuel offers both new and existing Cardsmiths collectors a fun and unique way of engaging with our products, while also being able to participate in contests and promotions for rare and even one-of-a-kind collectibles.” 

Geek Fuel will start out this coming weekend at MegaCon in Orlando with a booth highlighting Cardsmiths’ proprietary trading card set, Currency, which features a unique redemption program for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as licensed sets for Bob Ross and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, in addition to preview packs of the upcoming Series 1 Dragon’s Lair cards.  Geek Fuel will have livestream pack breaks during the show, along with promo items and giveaways, provided by Cardsmiths, that will be distributed via various promotions and contests conducted by Geek Fuel.  Following MegaCon in Orlando, Geek Fuel will travel to the Denver FanExpo and San Diego Comic-Con as their next in-person events featuring Cardsmiths releases!  Additional show dates will be announced as they are added.

Cardsmiths items continue to be available at as well as local card shops (LCS) located throughout the world, and GameStop as a lead mass partner.  For customer service inquiries about Cardsmiths, please email For information about Geek Fuel, please visit  

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